Hristo Ivanov

Dear friends,

My name is Hristo Ivanov. I am angling since more than 30 years, and I love lure fishing. I joined Stari Vidri Spinning Club (www. in 2004 and I participate every year in our spinning championship. Between 2004 and 2014 I participated several times in our National Trout Fishing Championship, and we won the silver medal 2 times. I also participated in other private International lure fishing tournaments.

My favourite destinations in Bulgaria are the rivers Iskar and Danube in the North, and the rivers Maritza and Tundzha in the South. My main targets there are asp, pike, zander, cat-fish, chub and perch.

In the last years the lure fishing at the North Aegean seaside is becoming more and more popular and I spend many weekends there chasing bluefish, barracuda and sea bass.

Come and explore with us the beauty of the Balkans – the wild rivers, the magic of the Danube sunsets and the emotion and fun of sea angling at the Aegean.

Tight lines!

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