Kaloyan Yalamov

Dear friends,

My name is Kaloyan Yalamov. I am angling since more than 30 years and I love lure fishing. I joined Stari Vidri Spinning Club (www. Starividri.org) in 2005 and I participate every year in our spinning championship.

I use all my free time angling at the big Bulgarian rivers – Iskar, Danube, Maritza and Tundzha, chasing asp, pike, perch, zander. I love trout fishing as well. Recently I started angling also at the Aegean Sea side – targeting sea bass, blue fish and barracuda.

Come and explore with us the beauty of the Balkans – the wild rivers, the magic of the Danube sunsets and the emotion and fun of sea angling at the Aegean.

Tight lines!

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