Martin Dulevski


Dear friends,

My name is Martin. I am angling since almost 40 years, and the last 25 years I dedicated to the spinning. Since 2003 I participate every year in the Stari Vidri ( spinning championship – the Bulgarian spinning league and I won the championship in 2004. Same year I participated also in the National Artificial Bait Shore Angling Championship.

My favourite destinations in Bulgaria are the Danube river in the area of Russe and the river Jantra in the North, and river Tundzha in the South. My main targets there are asp, pike, zander, cat-fish, chub and perch.

In the last 5 years I spent the most of my free time at the Aegean seaside lure fishing either from the shore or from my kayak. I cannot say why I enjoy the sea angling in Greece so much. Of course a great part of the fun is chasing a variety of active predators almost all year round – sea bass, barracuda, amberjack, bluefish, Coryphaena, etc. The light rock fishing is also a great fun you know – I catch combers, small groupers, seabream, scorpionfish, mackerel, horse mackerel and so on. But in addition to the more than 30 species in my trophy list, it is the “dolce vita” mixture of good Mediterranean weather, the calm sea, the friendly people and the excellent cuisine.

I would be more than happy to pull you out of your routine for a weekend or more and to make you forget the daily stress. Explore with us the beauty of the Balkans – the wild rivers, the magic of the Danube sunsets and the emotion and fun of sea angling at the Aegean.


Tight lines!


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