February strikes

In Greece not only the farmers were on strike in the beginning of February. The sea bass was striking as well. Here is the next West Aegean report.

Our party had remarkable catches in the beginning of February, with the Zlati’s personal best 80+ cm bass (was released and not measured, but probably exceeded 12 lb).

The winter conditions were good for exploring the shallow beaches of the Evia gulfs, and we had a remarkable number of fish varying from 2 to 8 lb.

The weather was relatively bad with strong headwind and waves, which required wading, and using havier lures – soft plastics on heavier heads, walkers, pencils, castmasters. But at the same time the fish was active during the whole day.

The biggest fish was caught on a castmaster, while the one on the third picture (5 lb) attacked Lucky Craft Gunfish 115 walker.zlati sea bass 41zlati sea bass 31zlati sea bass 21